Saturday, May 23, 2009

to u knw who, i knw who nd he knws who.....:)

Sitting at the window,i am looking outside,

the crowd down the street, the empty place beside,

look up in the sky and somethng not right

your thoughts cloud my mind, but ur nt in sight

try as i mite,sleep's not coming,

missing ur warmth ,in bed i keep on turning,

wrap ur arms around me and put me to sleep,

tonite wanna go, go so deep into sleep.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

back again

you thought u got rid of me,
now nothing bothers u nd u r free,
you declared it was all over,
time to move on to another cover,
but fate has a different say,
try as u mite to beg or pray,
its coming bak to u
all the tears nd all the pain,
the cries, the nitemares nd emotions slain,
now is the time wen u paybak,
pray for penance nd get a stab in d back,
it will happen all ovr again,
but places will change nd so will d game,
nw u r d pawn nd not the one in CONTROL,
ready urself for a big great fall in your own hole.
all we do nw is wait for the bugles to blow nd the game begins.


Today everything is lost coz I am lost
Want to go back at any cost
Is that my destination or is this my destiny?
One against all, a one person mutiny,
The past beckons me to visit again
I feel like I am missing the last train
They say the future is pre-written in the notebook of life
But all I see ahead is strife and strife and strife
I hear voices in the wind as it blows through the chimes
The red hearts dangling and bleeding hurt by unknown crimes
The stars twinkle in the false sky
The flute outside voices my hearts’s cry.


Is it a mirage or am I dreaming?

The world looks pretty again

Is this happiness that my heart is feeling?

Roll over, pinch yourself, wake up

Remember the last time you trusted yourself

Hearts were broken, dreams were shattered

Don’t trust yourself, it’s all a trick

It will pass over and life will be same again

This is what was meant to be

Incomplete promises and empty claims

Return to your shell, it’s safe there

Heed my advice, for all else are lies

Go bacKak till you can, before it’s too late

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Lost Heroes

Brave are those who stand up when all have cowered down,

Strong are those who speak the truth inspite of spite and frown,

Mighty are those who rise no matter how hard they fall,

Great are those who aid the weak from the filth they call,

where are those heroes, those martyrs are they all gone?
their ideals all shattered, their thoughts forgotten
Who will take their place and lead us to a new dawn?
Where is that chosen one ?